A literary adventure.

This past weekend I finally got around to doing something that has been sitting on my to-do list for two years – visit The Monkey’s Paw, an antiquarian bookseller that specializes in ‘the old and unusual’. They are also home to the Biblio-Mat, an art installation/vending machine – get a random old book for $2.

I loved it. The smell of the old books, the slapdash design, the friendly staff. And the books themselves – there were so many I wanted to take home! It was really hard to limit myself to a small handful. And of course, I tried my luck with the Biblio-Mat (English Social History, here I come).

I want to go back already. Definitely my new favourite place.






Getting in the spirit.

Yesterday was a day of Christmassy things. I wrapped a couple gifts, wrestled Walter into a nice sweater and headed to Petsmart for a Christmas picture.

Unfortunately, it was a bit of a disappointment. The staff was great, but the whole process has gotten a bit cheap. Santa no longer appears – instead you stand in front of a cardboard background, and a CGI Santa is added to the picture afterwards. The pictures were also taken with an iPad mini, which doesn’t have the greatest camera. But hey, it was free so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

For the first picture, we tried to get Walter to sit by himself. I chose the Frozen theme for kicks.


He was not amused. So then I joined him and we added Santa.


Not bad, although clearly that cardboard background isn’t wide enough! When we got home, I decided to just take the picture myself.


Much better!

My Christmassy day ended with the December MSO performance. The whole evening was portions of Handel’s Messiah – it was beautiful. The audience even stood for the Hallelujah chorus.


Have a listen.


The drive home from work today was atrocious – which is odd, since the big snow storm was yesterday. Anyways, I was stuck in traffic, getting really hungry when I realized – I have cold pizza in my bag!

I hate cold pizza. So I cranked the heat, placed the foil packet on a vent and waited. And… it totally worked. I have created car pizza!


Bow down to my genius. :P

The good ol’ hockey game.

I’ve been feeling really low, and stuck in this self perpetuating cycle of being unable to accomplish anything and feeling really awful about it. (Let’s not talk about the state of my apartment right now.)

When I feel like this, all I really want to do is hibernate – but that doesn’t make me feel any better. So when S invited me to the Leafs game last night, I decided to take the plunge.

My first Leafs game! It was a good game to watch – they won. The crowd was loud and overwhelmingly huge, but watching the game, taking pictures and learning the rules from S helped me beat down the panic and anxiety. Overall it was a good night – I’m glad I went.







3… 2… 1… DODGEBALL!!

Last night I got to watch W and K play dodgeball (and kick ass at it). It’s a community league, and is super fun to watch. Although, being an observer involves a fair bit of dodging as well!


The rate of injury is a bit unreal. I’m a roller derby fan and watch the TORD play regularly. But I swear, dodgeball is way more brutal. And it’s not even from getting hit by the ball – I saw more than a few players shake off head shots. It’s the injuries that happen while they are trying to avoid getting hit.

Twisted ankles, cuts, bruises and broken fingers. Perhaps roller derby injuries are more severe, but dodgeball injuries seem to be more frequent. Oddly enough though, they are both still really fun to watch!

You have my attention.

I recently finished reading Justin Trudeau’s autobiography, Common Ground.


In it, he discusses his childhood as the son of a prime minister, and describes how he went from an elementary school teacher to the leader of the Liberal Party.

It’s an interesting read. Trudeau seems to be the eternal optimist, with a determination to turn Canadian politics back into something the public can count on and be proud of. He stated that he is ready to clean house, and move the Liberal Party away from its current entitled white male attitude.

Well Mr. Trudeau, you may not have my vote quite yet, but you do have my attention. I hope you don’t disappoint.