An evening of beauty and art.

Last night I saw the State Ballet Theatre of Russia perform Swan Lake. It was incredible – I’ve never seen anything like it.


Imagine ballerinas on that stage – there were obviously no pictures allowed!

It was a two-hour performance, and it just flew by; it was so easy to become totally absorbed in the story. And the dancing – holy smokes the dancing. The ballerinas were so graceful; at times they seemed to float across the stage.

I would love to go watch it again.


It’s baaaaack… DERBY!

The TORD 2015 season is underway! I went to the double-header this past weekend to watch my favourite team – Chicks Ahoy! (I’m not being dramatic – their name includes the !)


They didn’t have the greatest night, but it was fun nonetheless.  I love the energy and camaraderie amongst the players and the crowd during games.

I also picked up (and got signed) a great coffee table book about roller derby.

Into Battle book

It includes photographs and interviews with derby players and refs. It’s fascinating to read about what goes through a player’s head during a jam – a lot of strategy and a lot of emotion/aggression. Reading it has actually helped me understand the game a bit better as well. Check it out.

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry

There is nothing like a book that completely draws you into it’s world, and leaves you thinking about it long after you’ve finished. Maybe I’m picky, maybe it’s because I read so much, but fewer and fewer books have really ‘wowed’ me lately. So I really want to talk about it when one does.

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry

I’ve just finished reading The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry by Gabrielle Zevin. The title character A.J. is a reclusive and border-line alcoholic bookseller on tiny Alice Island in the US. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s a moving story that is part mystery, part romance, and all about how books can touch our lives. I don’t feel like I’m selling it very well, but trust me – it’s a great read.

Happy New Year!

Happy new year! Yes, it’s a few hours early, but I’m not the partying type and probably won’t make it to midnight anyway. I’m having a quiet night in, watching Doctor Who and eating homemade vegan pizza. And of course, spending time with this weirdo:


Walter had a strange reaction to his booster shots yesterday, and I’ve been keeping an eye on him today. He’s currently snoozing on the couch; it looks like he won’t make it to midnight either!

I briefly considered resolutions, but screw it – I can’t even remember what I picked last year. So instead, I’m just hoping for a year of good health and happiness.

See you all in 2015.

What are you listening to?

I finally listened to season one of the podcast Serial. Yeah I’m a bit late, but it’s not the typical podcast I normally listen to. (I’m more of a Star Talk or Decoder Ring Theatre type person.)


Serial is balanced, thorough and really interesting. And… a bit repetitive/exhausting. I feel like the show could have been completed in 8 episodes, rather than 12. However, I am looking forward to season two, and I hope a follow up episode is created that covers the results of Adnan’s appeal and DNA testing.

If you’re looking for something else to listen to now that Serial is done, check out The Truth or The Lapse on iTunes. They both have a similar tone, but cover a new story per episode. I binge listened to them both – they’re really good.

What are you listening to?

A literary adventure.

This past weekend I finally got around to doing something that has been sitting on my to-do list for two years – visit The Monkey’s Paw, an antiquarian bookseller that specializes in ‘the old and unusual’. They are also home to the Biblio-Mat, an art installation/vending machine – get a random old book for $2.

I loved it. The smell of the old books, the slapdash design, the friendly staff. And the books themselves – there were so many I wanted to take home! It was really hard to limit myself to a small handful. And of course, I tried my luck with the Biblio-Mat (English Social History, here I come).

I want to go back already. Definitely my new favourite place.






Getting in the spirit.

Yesterday was a day of Christmassy things. I wrapped a couple gifts, wrestled Walter into a nice sweater and headed to Petsmart for a Christmas picture.

Unfortunately, it was a bit of a disappointment. The staff was great, but the whole process has gotten a bit cheap. Santa no longer appears – instead you stand in front of a cardboard background, and a CGI Santa is added to the picture afterwards. The pictures were also taken with an iPad mini, which doesn’t have the greatest camera. But hey, it was free so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

For the first picture, we tried to get Walter to sit by himself. I chose the Frozen theme for kicks.


He was not amused. So then I joined him and we added Santa.


Not bad, although clearly that cardboard background isn’t wide enough! When we got home, I decided to just take the picture myself.


Much better!

My Christmassy day ended with the December MSO performance. The whole evening was portions of Handel’s Messiah – it was beautiful. The audience even stood for the Hallelujah chorus.


Have a listen.