While walking.Β 

Our neighbourhood park has a lovely gazebo, and today I couldn’t help but notice it’s occupant. The woman was typing away on her laptop, totally indifferent to the screams of the kids running through the splash pad nearby. 

Her deep concentration had me intrigued, and I began to wonder who she was. An author published a dozen times over – writing her next bestseller? A dreamer putting her creativity on the page for the first time? 

I guess we’ll never know. 


Apple Radio is disappointing.

I was willing to give Apple’s new radio venture a chance. Radio, mind you, not their streaming service. But I learned something really disappointing for anyone who doesn’t live in the US (including me): the only station international users can listen to is the crappy Beats one. All the other stations are visible, but don’t work when clicked. It turns out you have to sign up for their streaming service in order for the other stations to work. And once again, Americans get the sweeter deal – they can listen to all the radio stations (with limited skips) for free.

Bad form, Apple.

The search for sleep.Β 

So, after years of insomnia, depression and general exhaustion, I finally went for a sleep study. 


What an experience. My head, chest and legs were all wired up – I felt like a cyborg. The technician was a hoot – he said I could be the next Terminator. He then informed me that he no longer told bedtime stories, since 5 years ago he told a woman the plot from Saw 3, and she got no sleep that night. Too funny. 

It definitely wasn’t a good night’s sleep, but at least it’s done. It’ll take 4-6 weeks before I find out what’s up. 

And now to take a nap. 

Wishing for a tiny house…

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it, but I’m a big fan of the tiny house movement. My favourite are the rustic cabin-like houses, usually around 200 sq. ft. They typically have lofts instead of bedrooms, and are often built by the owners themselves.

I like to search online for building plans and pictures of different designs; who knows, maybe someday I can build my own. A couple days ago, I found these pictures:



THIS. My dream house. I wouldn’t change a single thing.

(I would love to give credit to the homeowner/photographer, but the site I found them on didn’t mention them.)

An evening of beauty and art.

Last night I saw the State Ballet Theatre of Russia perform Swan Lake. It was incredible – I’ve never seen anything like it.


Imagine ballerinas on that stage – there were obviously no pictures allowed!

It was a two-hour performance, and it just flew by; it was so easy to become totally absorbed in the story. And the dancing – holy smokes the dancing. The ballerinas were so graceful; at times they seemed to float across the stage.

I would love to go watch it again.