Finding joy.

Time to dust off the cobwebs – it’s been awhile! I was actually debating retiring this blog completely, but instead I’m going to start posting again.

So… hello again! Christmas is a week away, and I’ve been thinking about the things in my life that give me joy. Having depression means being completely joyless for weeks on end, and it sucks. So when I’m feeling good (like now!) I try my hardest to keep the happy things in focus, and make it last. List time!

Things that bring me joy:

  • Seeing the beautiful faces of my two nephews
  • My family
  • Walter, my crazy and fluffy dog
  • Fresh snow
  • A tidy home
  • A job I enjoy going to
  • Tea and a book on a cold night
  • Seeing a dear friend embrace knitting with a passion
  • My lit Christmas tree
  • A good night’s sleep

It’s a living list, and it changes and grows day-to-day. I hope all of you experience joy this season too!


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