Getting in the spirit.

Yesterday was a day of Christmassy things. I wrapped a couple gifts, wrestled Walter into a nice sweater and headed to Petsmart for a Christmas picture.

Unfortunately, it was a bit of a disappointment. The staff was great, but the whole process has gotten a bit cheap. Santa no longer appears – instead you stand in front of a cardboard background, and a CGI Santa is added to the picture afterwards. The pictures were also taken with an iPad mini, which doesn’t have the greatest camera. But hey, it was free so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

For the first picture, we tried to get Walter to sit by himself. I chose the Frozen theme for kicks.


He was not amused. So then I joined him and we added Santa.


Not bad, although clearly that cardboard background isn’t wide enough! When we got home, I decided to just take the picture myself.


Much better!

My Christmassy day ended with the December MSO performance. The whole evening was portions of Handel’s Messiah – it was beautiful. The audience even stood for the Hallelujah chorus.


Have a listen.


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