Books! And Authors! And More Books!

The Toronto Book Fair was this weekend, and even though I’ve been battling a nasty cold, I was determined to go.

It’s was great. I waited in line to meet Chris Hadfield – the line was huge, but didn’t take too long. He was very nice and friendly, and took the time to talk to each person getting a book. He’s got a really firm handshake. Weird thing to notice, I know, but I can’t stand a wimpy handshake – it totally ruins a first impression. Anyway, they were handing out fake moustaches in line, and encouraging people to tag him in their selfies. I didn’t wear one, because I’m a bit too self conscious to be that weird.

The main stage in the convention centre held talks/interviews with authors throughout the day. I grabbed a seat for Margaret Atwood’s talk, and I’m really glad I did. She has a sharp sense of humour and would become quite passionate while talking about things that were important to her. She enjoys social media and supports online self publishing efforts, including sites like Wattpad and Widbook. She’s also a part of this really cool project called The Future Library. She’s currently writing a novel that will be locked away, unpublished for one hundred years. I’ll admit, I’m jealous of the person in the future who gets to read it! Her interview wrapped up with the audience singing happy birthday to her, as she blew out a candle on a cupcake.

Oh – I need to point this out: while waiting for Atwood to come on stage, most of the audience was quietly reading. My people!

After Atwood’s talk, I bought a couple Christmas gifts and called it a day. This was my first book fair, not counting those elementary school Scholastic sales, of course. I’m definitely going again next year. Now I just need to convince some muggles to come with me!







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