Watching the country go by…

The train has been wonderful, and the activities are great, but it’s the people who have really made this trip memorable. Close quarters bring everyone together, and total strangers become friends. It’s an international crowd – there are lots of accents and different languages flying around! The staff are all bilingual as well and frequently switch between English and French when addressing a group. It’s a treat to hear it all.

I’ve walked the length of the train a few times the last few days, and it’s amazing how different each side is. I’m on A side – we have our own activity car, dining car and lounge. The back of the train is B, and they have their own versions of those areas. A is filled with rowdy Aussies and Texans, while B is a lot more reserved. I’m glad I ended up where I did!

And of course, the staff have been wonderful, the service on par with the cruises I have been on. They get to know their guests, and remember guest preferences, allergies etc. They have been cheerful and helpful, and are always willing to accommodate. A porter volunteered to go two cars out of his way to make up my cabin, when I couldn’t find my own porter. Great service!

Train travel isn’t for everyone, but I would definitely do it again. If you don’t mind smaller spaces, and are ok with a few delays, then you should try out the Vancouver-Toronto VIA trip. Everything else makes up for it!


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