Hello Winnipeg!

We’ll be pulling into Winnipeg soon, and I’m hoping to post this then. (Yay for train station wifi!)

This trip has been fantastic. First, the train. I was greeted by my car porter when I boarded, and she explained all the various features of my cabin. It’s a great use of a small space; it includes a day bench, sink, toilet/ottoman, storage and a bed that folds out from the wall. It’s very comfortable. The rest of the train is designed with the same principles, and decked out in chrome and and retro coloured fabrics – I love it! There are dining cars, lounges with observation decks, games and movie cars and a gorgeous panoramic car. The panoramic car is by far my favourite, although we only got to enjoy it until Edmonton – it’s only used during the Rockies portion of the route.

The Canadian Rockies are breathtaking. We saw waterfalls, snow covered peaks and the tallest mountain in the range – Mt Robson. It’s almost 13,000 ft tall and the top 30% is rarely visible through the clouds. My Instagram is filled with pictures, but I’ll post a few here in another entry when I get home.

We also made a stop in Jasper, Alberta – which reminded me a lot of the Yukon! It was lovely and I only wish we had more time there; I barely managed to tour the main drag before having to board again. The shortened visit was due to all the freight trains on our route. The tracks are owned by the freight companies, so their trains take priority. If one gets close, we pull over to let them pass. It causes delays, but hey – it’s more time on the train!

Today has been the prairies – endless fields of yellow. It’s not very exciting, but I think it’s a lovely and peaceful view. I think the surroundings mellowed everyone out today – afternoon naps for all! The relaxing atmosphere also means that I haven’t written much, but instead have been knitting tonnes. Which is great too.

OMG, can we talk about the food?! It’s incredible, and the staff are great with handling allergies. I had duck for dinner yesterday and halibut today. Soooo tasty! Meals are an interesting experience. Each table seats 4, and none of the chairs are left empty. So, unless you are a party of 4, you end up sitting with strangers at each meal. It was a bit nerve wracking at first, but I’ve met some lovely people this way. I’ve befriended a retired couple from Perth, Australia and an American who has spent his retirement travelling the world.

There is also a duo who have been performing all over the train, called The Shrugs. I watched one performance in the front lounge car, where they announced that they have been full time musicians for a year now – pursuing their dream. I really admire them for that. Again, there are a couple clips on my Instagram if you want to take a listen.

I think that’s all I have time for!


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