The Great Canadian Cross-Country Train Trip!

So, I’m on vacation. And I’m doing something that I have dreamed about for a long time – taking a train across the country. I’m sitting in the business class lounge at the Pacific Central Station right now, and a lot of the people around me are doing the same thing – taking the train just for the joy of it.

4 days of relaxing, writing, knitting and taking in the scenery. I’m so excited! Some people have looked at me like I’m nuts when I talk about it, but everything I have read says it’s a really memorable trip.

Unfortunately, it’s a dog-free trip. Walter is being boarded at the vet, and dropping him off was really sad. They gave me a tour of the facilities, and really, you can only do so much to a kennel. It’s not home. I just hope he doesn’t hate me when I get back!

I flew into Vancouver this morning, and spent a good chunk of the day doing touristy things. First stop, the Vancouver Aquarium; I could have spent all day watching the belugas, jelly fish and sea otters. I killed my phone battery taking pictures and video, and spent the rest of the day loitering in places with accessible plugs. Totally worth it.

So now I’m waiting. We board the train soon and I can’t wait to check out my tiny cabin. Internet access will be nearly non existent, so my next post may be at the end of my journey. A post with actual pictures will probably have to wait until then as well.



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