The Long Pause.

The blog has been silent. And I’m going to avoid a lengthly explanation why, except that depression is a soul sucking, oppressive bitch. And depression lies – never forget that.

But this post is about happy things, and I’m excited to share. I’m writing again, and I’ve decided to publish my work on Widbook, a great site where users can publish, collaborate and read books – for free. A few weeks ago I received an email from Widbook, informing me that one of my stories had been chosen as the book of the week. I was thrilled, but the rest of the email totally made me lose it. They asked for an interview. Holy. Crap.

Widbook Homepage

It freaked me out. My first interview; validation that people I haven’t met actually enjoy my stories. I said yes, and prayed that my answers to their questions weren’t too lame. See for yourself.

So far I have uploaded three stories to the site. Feel free to check them out, but I believe you’ll need to sign up first. I hope you like them!

WishingWaitingWorld of Grey


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