Fortune Cookie Fiction.

Last night was my first creative writing class, and I loved it. It’s a community course – no grades, no credits, just learning and creating. The instructor is a former editor who brought lots of positive energy and encouragement to the class. I’m looking forward to next week.

We completed an in-class writing assignment last night as well. It was a neat activity. I believe he called it Fortune Cookie Fiction. Each person in the class wrote a couple of fortunes. Then we were each given someone else’s fortunes and told to write; fiction, stream of consciousness, whatever came to mind. We had ten minutes. The final result is a bit rough, but I want to share it anyway. I think I’ll be sharing my writing throughout the course!


You are not what you appear to be.

Who would you find at the end of the rainbow?


George had been hiding in plain sight. Voice, personality, clothing, all a carefully applied veneer of the utmost shade of normal. He took silent pride in his ability to blend in, to disappear among the masses. To do otherwise would damn him.

Colour was forbidden, to even speak of it was taboo. Only monochromatic shades of grey had been accepted, regulated – given the stamp of Council approval. George hated it. Grey walls, grey sweaters, grey hats. For a month last year George had been convinced he was going blind, unable to discern where one person ended and another began. In a fit of panic he had crushed his fists against his eyes until sparks flew, then closed his lids to enjoy the brief show.

But there had been colour once. A time when chaos reined and love ran free. A time of rainbows. But the Council had even regulated that away, declaring that to see one was to betray the People.

So George dreamed – of rainbows, wide splashes of paint against plastered walls, the rosy red of the common apple. He explored colour in the only safe place left – the multi-hued reaches of his own mind. He needed to keep the colour alive. For her.

At the edge of the Known, beyond the Council, beyond the People – she was waiting. She had promised, a solemn vow whispered in the dark.

“Come for me. Find me. At the end of the rainbow.”


So yeah, a bit rough, but I’m pretty happy with what I came up with in ten minutes. I can’t wait for next week!


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