It’s that time again…

Happy New Year!

I’m sitting here, feeling like the flu is kicking my ass, but trying to be positive. I want to start 2013 in a good place.

I’ve been thinking about resolutions lately, but more than the usual diet promises that people throw around at this time of year. I want to improve my body and mind of course, but I also want to keep pursuing my dreams. So I have a (short) list:

1. Exercise as much as possible. I used to exercise daily, and I can’t believe how great it made me feel. Besides the obvious weight-related benefits, it really affected my mood and outlook. And after skipping it for a few months, I’ve realized just how vital it is to my mental health. So more exercise it is!

2. Take the 50 Book Pledge. It’s simple – read 50 books in a year. It’s a chance to finally make a dent in my unread ebook pile, and I’ve really missed reading lately. I haven’t had the time!

3. Keep writing! I’m currently editing one novella and writing another. I want to polish and epublish the first, and complete the first draft of the second. Writing has always been my dream, and it really bothers me that my progress has slowed.

That’s it, I guess. A short list, but I’m excited about it. Time to get started!


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