Wizard World Con, and the Best. Day. Ever!

I’m about to damage my geek cred, but oh well. Before March, I had never been to a sci-fi or comic book convention before. As of yesterday, I’ve now been to two – yay me! And it was a doozy – I’ve officially declared April 14th to be the Best. Day. Ever. Warning: fan girl squeeing ahead – OH YES!

Yesterday V and I went to Wizard World Con in Toronto. I met Jeri Ryan; she’s a cool, classy lady. I got her autograph for a buddy and we ended up talking about the awesome stuff she did for Jenny Lawson and her new book – I can’t wait to read it.

I also met Sean Maher – someone I have been hoping to speak to for a while now. Sean is a talented actor who had participated in an interview several months ago that really struck a cord with me. I was experiencing a bit of a rough patch at the time and it really helped to read about someone else going through those same emotions and conflicts, and coming out of it a happier and stronger person. I greatly admire his courage and self-confidence, and I told him so. He seemed very appreciative and said I made his day. Sean, you made my day – thanks so much for listening.

Sorry about the blurry pics – the joys of cellphone cameras. *sigh*

After that we said hi to some familiar faces in Artist Alley and watched the Being Human panel. The actors were a total riot – it was a lot of fun!

I took some video too. Apologies in advance for the annoying giggling – that was totally me.

After we’d had our fill of sci-fi goodness, we headed out to the roller derby double header. As we drove into the parking lot of The Bunker, V screamed and scared the crap outta me. She saw something that made us both squeal like the pathetic fan girls we proudly are:

Lost Girl films across the road from derby! Two of my favourite things together – it doesn’t get any better than that! Derby was fantastic of course – and to top off the day, I won two tickets to the next bout. Which is on my birthday. Boom.

Epic weekend.

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