On the hunt…

…for a local doc, since tonight’s visit with a potential new one was a total nightmare!

Finding a doctor up in Whitehorse had been incredibly easy. A very dear friend of mine mentioned that her doctor was familiar with PCOS, and I jumped to make an appointment when I heard. I ended up sticking with that doc for the whole two years and she was awesome; she listened to my concerns and was willing to pursue treatments and tests I felt comfortable with.

But now I’m back home, and my ‘good doctor’ luck has taken a hike. Tonight’s visit started out on the wrong foot; I sat in the waiting room for two hours before being seen. In a new practice still taking on new patients, no less. But the wait was nothing compared to the actual face-to-face…

In one quick, five minute visit I was ignored, belittled and dismissed. I left in a seething rage, barely able to remain civil with my goodbye. First, she insisted that beef and banana allergies don’t exist and that there is no way to test for them. Excuse me? Shall I show you the medical research? The numerous studies on the rise of beef allergies in North America? How about the well known link between latex allergies and bananas? Then she basically brushed off the doc who diagnosed me as a quack. Sorry lady, but he was very educated and qualified – you could learn a thing or two from him. I wont even get started on how she tried to claim that there was no such thing as a blood test for allergen antibodies. Ugh.

But whatever – we can brush that off as simple ignorance, right? Well, how about listening to the patient when she tells you not to prescribe a certain med. Hey lady – it gives me HIVES! Took three tries to get that through to her. The odd thing was that she was young – I thought young doctor’s minds were a bit more open than most.

*sigh* Well, so much for that. God, venting feels good.

And the hunt continues…


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