I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…

I love snow. People think I’m a bit nuts, but waking up in the morning and seeing a fresh blanket makes me positively giddy. So of course, my two winters in the Yukon were a dream come true. Yeah it was cold, but the snow came early, stuck around, and stayed pretty for months on end. It literally was a winter wonderland, complete with picturesque snow-covered mountains.

And now I’m spoiled. Living south of 60 once again has left me with ‘winter shock’ – I just can’t get used to the total lack of wintery weather, and I can’t seem to get in a Christmassy mood because of it. We’ve had the occasional bout of flurries, but mostly it’s been rain and disgustingly mild temps. What the heck happened to winter?!?!

Totally desperate, I’ve been treating my winter shock with pretty Christmas lights and classic holiday tunes. And of course, writing winter-themed fiction.

It’s not working.

So, it’s time to send a plea to the Big Guy Upstairs. How about a big dump of snow on Christmas day?

Here’s hoping…


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