The Highlight Reel.

I’m now in the final countdown – less than a month before Moving Day. Yeah, it really does need to be capitalized. I’ve been running around like a crazy person getting things ready, but that’s a topic for another blog entry. Today, I’m feeling nostalgic. I’ve been thinking about everything I’ve experienced up here the last two years, and of course, all the things I’m going to miss. And I feel like sharing…

First, I’m going to miss Whitehorse itself. This city is big and tiny all at the same time, and its isolation just adds to the charm. I love the architecture, the history, the friendly locals, and the fact that when you say, “I’m going to Walmart” there is only one possible location you’re heading to. I love this place and I’m definitely going to come back for a visit… or ten.

Both winters were absolutely awesome. Those who know me, know how much I love snow, and I got to experience it in abundance up here. The snow came early, came often, and stuck around for the entire season. Gotta love super cold, snow friendly temps! It created a picturesque winter wonderland that I’m definitely going to miss. Slushy/rainy Toronto winters just aren’t as fun. I’m actually hoping for one more snowfall before I leave – chances are pretty good!

Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous. From the log tossing, to the axe throwing, to the snow sculptures and parades, Rendezvous was wicked fun and I would love to experience it again. I’m thinking that my future visits should happen during winter…

And in a similar vein, I loved the Yukon Quest. A dog sledding race that looked like the Winter Olympics (complete with fans waving cowbells), it really felt like a piece of history in the making!

The road trips were epic – I absolutely can’t believe how much I got to travel and explore these last two years. From Alaska, to the Carcross desert, to Faro, and even to Vancouver, I’ve got a tonne of fantastic memories to take home with me. I think I’ve been bit by the traveling bug, and I hope I get to continue exploring after I move back home.

Visits from family were really special. My mom flew up here early on and helped me move into my apartment. At the same time we got to explore a city that was still very fresh and new to me. It was our own unique adventure and I love that she took the time to come up and help me out.

Big sister Ry came for a visit a year later. This time I got to share a city I was now at home in and definitely loved, and it was a lot of fun. I’m so glad you came, Ry!

I think what I’m going to miss the most are my friends. I’ve made a couple of extremely special friends up here and the idea of leaving them really tears me up. Through the rough stuff and the fun stuff, they have been there for me and I love them like family. Thank you so much for everything, and for making me feel like I belong here!

I guess that’s it, although it has to be said… I’m really going to miss that freaking awesome view.


2 thoughts on “The Highlight Reel.

  1. What a wonderful blog… thank you for sharing! I know what a hard time this is for you and the mixed emotions you hare experiencing. From a purely selfish standpoint.. I’m so glad you’re coming home… I’ve missed you terribly.

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