Back to the gym!

A couple of months ago there was a fire at the Canada Games Centre. A couple of idiot teenagers set one of the ice rinks on fire and it’s been closed for repairs ever since. The CGC is a major community resource – ice rinks, pools, a gym, PhysioPlus, basketball court, indoor soccer field etc. People were understandably upset. But, good news…

The gym is open for business again! I’m so freakin’ happy about it. The fire damage isn’t fully repaired yet, but they’ve done enough to open up some sections of the building, including the gym and change rooms. I went today, and it’s definitely still a construction zone.  There is tonnes of plastic sheeting on makeshift walls, blocking off sections under repair. Getting to the change rooms requires walking through a tunnel of plastic sheeting – that was really weird. The rink viewing windows in the gym are covered with plastic and hand drawn posters; it looks like the day camps had fun decorating! One of the windows was left uncovered though, and I got to see the fire damage. Wow – it still looks pretty nasty.  The melted insulation is still up and the burnt metal wall is still unfixed. The score board is completely gone, and the seats in the stands are still covered in soot. Most of the parking lot is blocked off with construction supplies, and from what I could see, it looks like they’re replacing a lot, not just the rink wall. They’ve done a lot in a short while though – the open sections look perfect. And the best part? Admission was free. According to the girl behind the counter, if you had a pass before the fire, it’ll stay current until the place is fully repaired! I’m so glad they reopened before I moved…


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