Tuesdays with Morrie

The book isn’t new, and the original interviews aired years ago, but I’ve only recently discovered Morrie Schwartz for myself, and I have to share.

For my birthday this year, my awesome siblings and their SO’s bought me tickets to the stage show Tuesdays with Morrie.  I had read an interview in the paper with the lead, Jamie Farr, and I was dying to go.  I’m a huge MASH fan and seeing him on stage would be amazing.  I had a vague idea of what the story was about, but I had never read the book or seen the film.

Tuesdays with Morrie is the true story of a professor and his former student reconnecting during Morrie’s final months.  Morrie Schwartz was a retired sociology professor diagnosed with ALS, who still had a few lessons to teach; how to live and die with courage, compassion, love and openness.  I can only wish that someday I’m as wise.  I’m now trying to apply his lessons in my life… and even more importantly, at my job.

The play was wonderful and is faithful to the book, which I’ve finally read.  Morrie did a series of interviews with Ted Koppel on Nightline, covering the progression of his illness and his philosophy on life and death.  I found the interviews on YouTube – here’s the link to the first in the series.  Please watch it!  Seeing Morrie himself speak his lessons to Ted Koppel (and millions of others) is inspirational to say the least.  And, it gave me further appreciation for Jamie Farr’s performance; he portrayed Morrie perfectly.

Now I’m off to find and watch the film…


2 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Morrie

  1. I just got this book Tuesdays with Morrie. I am excited to read it. Thanks for your review.

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