Random update.

1. I’ve been sick the last few days.  Finally feeling better, but now I have a tonne of stuff to catch up on.

2. Been staring at the same knitting project for days now and I can’t seem to bring myself to finish.  It’s socks, and all I have to do is stitch the toe closed.  That’s it.

3. Played with an iPhone 4 the other day.  So pretty…

4. My car is apparently having its annual hissy fit.  It died on me today.  I hadn’t left my parking space yet, but it still freaked me out and gave me flashbacks of last year’s debacle.  The auto shop can’t take a look until next week.  I’m praying it doesn’t crap out on me again before then.

5. It has been snowing for days.  It’s beautiful, and lots of fun, but I wish they’d do some plowing already.  This morning I was faced with a fresh mountain of snow blocking my car from the street.  I tried shoveling, but by then it was kinda solid and I’m just not that strong.  I was left with the choice of either launching my car over it, or calling a cab so I could do my groceries.  Sometimes I wish I drove a truck!

6. Noticed tonight that a good samaritan shoveled behind my car.  Thank you!

7. Spent the evening at N’s, playing with the dogs and ferrets, and watching Big Bang Theory.  I’m kind of like Sheldon.  That doesn’t bother me.

8. I put up my Christmas decorations last week.  They make me happy!  Oh, and Kevin helped, of course.

9. I am never ordering from the US Amazon site, ever again.  I bought a Christmas gift through them, and they decided to send it as two separate shipments through UPS/DHL.  The first one arrived.  The second one is apparently lost in the ether – the website claims a delivery attempt was made, while the actual local office has never even heard of it.  Why can’t people send things by regular post?!?!

10. Still staring at that unfinished sock.  Maybe tomorrow…


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