One Year!

Wow.  I have officially lived in the Yukon for one year.  For the most part it has flown by, although I will admit I have had moments where it dragged.  In the past year I’ve seen a lot of this beautiful territory, but I know I have a tonne more to see.

I’m happy with my job and I think it has really made me a more confident nurse.  I’ve met some wonderful people and have definitely gone outside my comfort zone by going on this adventure.  I’ve made a great friend in particular who has really made me feel at home.  Thanks N!  Even though it’s been rough at times, I’m glad I decided to take this journey.  I think it has helped me grow up a bit, and has really reinforced how much I love my family – I miss them.

Fall arrived rather abruptly in mid-August, and with it, a feeling of freshness and renewal.  Here’s to another year – may it be as good (and better!) than the first.

(Guess how I celebrated?  Ice skating!)


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