What a way to wake up.

Yesterday, I took a nap.  I had a night shift coming up, and I was trying to get some sleep so I wouldn’t be a total zombie by the end of work.  At around 5pm I woke up really suddenly and lay in bed for a minute, trying to figure out why.  That’s when I heard pounding feet running down the stairs, a couple kids coughing up a lung or two… and my neighbour calling 911 because of a possible electrical fire in a bedroom wall.

Holy crap.

I swear, I have never jumped out of bed and gotten dressed that fast before.  I poked my head out my door and was immediately fighting the urge to cough myself.  Something was definitely going on.  A couple fire trucks later, and to everyone’s immense relief, we found out it wasn’t a fire.  It was bear spray.  Damn, that stuff is awful, but man, were we lucky!  I said a prayer right then and there.

This whole experience made me realize something: I don’t have a fire safe, or even a simple kitchen fire extinguisher.  Maybe it’s time to remedy that.


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