It’s hard saying goodbye…

I think it’s almost time to say goodbye to a dear friend; my alarm clock.  I know, I know – not a big deal, right?  But we have history!  My trusty alarm clock is 20+ years old and clearly showing its age; it used to be white and grey, but is now a sickly yellow.  I inherited it from R when I was a preteen and it has followed me ever since.  I took it to the dorms at uni and back home again, and now it’s with me on the other side of the country.  But… it’s dying a slow death, losing time, falling behind about 5 minutes a day.  I don’t want to let it go – newer alarms definitely don’t last as long!

I think I’m going to hold onto it until it craps out completely – I really have no desire to hunt for another one.  Apparently this particular clock has a bit of a following – there’s a group for it on Facebook!


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