Slow going…

So, I’ve officially been “working” on my sock yarn blanket for a year.  Or at least, I wish I had been working on it.  When I first started, it was like an obsession and I did a tonne of squares.  But now it’s kind of fallen by the wayside and looking pretty pathetic.  Take a look – a year ago:

And now:

Pretty sad, eh?  At this rate, I’ll be retired when it’s finished!  Maybe I should just start carrying it around with me.  What’s one more huge bag, right?  Maybe?


3 thoughts on “Slow going…

  1. Oh my word – you have to finish this it will look amazing!! Such a fabulous idea… don’t stop now… you can do it!

  2. Its pretty! You should keep going! Mine is just a little longer, but I kinda cheated and used worsted weight because I knew fingering would get me nowhere. 😛

  3. It’ll be a comfort to you in your old age! LOL I’ve been thinking of making one of these, although I actually haven’t knit socks (plural), just one sock…don’t ask! I do have sock yarn; how can one resist it? so this is on the To Do list, for a future when I may have the time to invest.

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