Alice, ‘Eat Me’ cakes and a scaly friend.

I had a fantastic weekend.  Like, it was stupid-smile-on-my-face great.  I finally saw Alice in Wonderland.  Loved it!  And I usually can’t stand Depp or HBC.  But, I have to admit, Depp plays creepy really well.

So… what do you do after watching Alice go down the rabbit hole?  Me?  I ate some ‘eat me’ cake.  There’s a new bakery in town called The Urban Cake Shop, and it’s soooo good.  It’s run by one woman and she makes and sells fancy cupcakes.  They’re like little works of art, and they’re delicious too!  And she does vegan, which will undoubtably be appreciated in this town.  Of course they’re pricey, but totally worth it as an occasional treat.

I capped off my weekend by making a new, scaly friend.  Yeah…  I bought a fish.  A betta, which N has named Pez.  I’ve wanted a pet for a while now, but with my work schedule, anything furry with four legs just isn’t doable.  So for now, a fish.  The pet store I got him from is really neat.  It’s 30 seconds from my apartment in this old wooden house.  It has a lot of fish/animals/birds for such a small place.  I actually went there twice over a couple days and the owner remembered me and what I was looking for.  I love small town life!

Here he is, scowling at me for putting the flash in his face.  Get used to it buddy – you’re pretty.


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