I think I found nerd heaven…

I stumbled onto something interesting yesterday.  I was walking downtown and found a store advertising comics, collectibles, etc.  Kind of up my alley.  So I walk through the door and it turns out this place is in the basement.  I get to the bottom of the little dungeon and what do I find?  *Nerd Heaven.  A wall of computers (for gaming, I guess), an open area with tables, complete with prepubescent boys playing card games, a snack bar stocked with junk like nachos, and a store area with figurines, comics, games…  So yeah, nerd heaven.  I’m not the gaming type (although I did browse the comics a little) and I didn’t stay long.  I think it’s kinda neat that a store/meeting place for such a niche market is in a city this small.  I can think of a couple people in my life who would enjoy the place…

*Not to be confused the Geek Heaven.  That’s the Apple store.


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