My favorite time of year.

I love the Christmas season.  The music, the decorations, the warm mushy feelings; I love it all.  So I was really excited about decorating my apartment for the holidays, especially since this is my first time and I’m starting from scratch.  I’m not going to mention how long ago I actually bought and put my decorations up, but today I finally got to put on the finishing touch – an angel for my tree.  I couldn’t find anything around here that wasn’t cheap looking or really ugly, but I found an adorable fabric angel on Etsy.

Isn’t she cute?  That website is so awesome – by far my favorite place to shop online.


2 thoughts on “My favorite time of year.

  1. oooh…very cute.

    I just made my first Etsy purchase last night! Earrings…one has a lion that with a sign around it’s neck that says “masochistic” and the other is a lamb with a sign that says “stupid”. LOL

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