Liking it so far…

I’ve officially been in Whitehorse for two weeks and so far I’m liking it a lot.  My car still hasn’t arrived, so I’ve been exploring most of the city by foot.  That’s not so bad actually – all the walking has really helped me become familiar with a significant chunk of the city.  I’m still staying at a hotel – my apartment wont be available until October.  Don’t get me wrong, having someone else clean up after me is nice, but I am really missing having my privacy, my stuff and my own space to live in.  My mom is flying up in a few days – she’s going to help me move into my new place.  I can’t wait to see her!

The job (my whole reason for being here) has been great.  I’ve done a few days of general orientation and one official day of actual work.  Everyone has been extremely helpful and friendly – they’ve really made me feel right at home.  I’m looking forward to my next shift!

I have been knitting a lot lately.  It’s been chilly since I got here – perfect knitting weather.  I finished one set of wrist warmers for my Dad.  One more pair to go.  By now, I could probably do that pattern in my sleep!  I used Fibranatura Yummy sock yarn, that I picked up at the LYS back home.  It’s a nice superwash merino, and the colours knit up into a pretty nifty pattern.  I’ll probably cast on the next set (for my Godfather) today.

Dad's Wrist Warmers

I’ve also been working on a new pair of socks.  I actually cast on during the cruise, but I didn’t get very far.  I’m using Fresh From the Cauldron Silk Sock, in the colourway Jacob Black.  As in Twilight.  The yarn is gorgeous and sooo soft.  No pattern, just basic sock math again.  I’m really starting to prefer making socks this way – they fit perfectly!


And the project I finished last night – a scarf.  Like I said, it’s getting cold up here and I’ll definitely need some winter gear soon.  I haven’t knit a scarf in a while, not surprising since I usually have no patience for a project like this.  But this time, the yarn made all the difference.  I used 3 skeins of Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Chunky and it is incredibly soft.  It has a bit of a halo and sheds, but I don’t care – the colours and the feel make it all worth it.  I finished it in 5 days – by far my fastest project!


So what’s up next?  I’m still working on the paperwork that goes with a cross country move, which pretty much fills my days.  With any luck, the next time I post I’ll finally be fully moved in and settled!


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