Things are moving along…

Today the moving company came and packed up my stuff.  It was an unusual experience, having a complete stranger pack my things.  All the boxes are still here, but they’ll be leaving in a couple days.  My car is already on its way.

The packing and my car leaving really makes this all feel real.  Up until today, this whole Yukon move has had an element of fantasy, or unreality to it.  But now it’s happening – things are definitely in motion.  Watching my car leave left me feeling a bit sad – I’m going to have to say goodbye to everyone soon.  But I’m also excited – I have a possible apartment lined up.  The building looks and sounds great!

In other news, I put my Alaska pictures up on Flickr.  Right now I have them open to the public.  Feel free to check them out, but do it soon – I’ll probably make them friends only in a week or so.


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