Day 1

I think that I’m definitely the cruising type.  I love it here.  The ship itself is massive – 2000 guests and it looks like a fancy resort.  Most of the time it’s easy to forget that we’re actually floating in water, because of the immense size.  And then we’ll turn and suddenly you can feel the movement of the boat.  Weird.  I can also feel the engine rumble under my feet. 

Most of the events today were aimed at getting to know the ship – tours and stuff.  I explored on my own though – there are tonnes of random little spots to sit and watch the sea go by.  You could really waste a couple hours that way!  I think I’ve found my favorite spot – the topmost outside observation deck, right at the front of the ship.  I’m sure it has a real name, but hey, I’m a noob and not down with the boat lingo just yet!  Anyway, the deck is full of loungers and the kids avoid it, which makes it nice and quiet.  I got some primo knitting time on that deck! 

The service here is also amazing.  They really go out of their way to help you out.  During the buffet lunch, right after boarding, I was having a hard time juggling my carry-on bag and my plates of food.  Our rooms weren’t ready yet, so I was kind of stuck.  But then, this lovely server swooped in, took my plates and prepared my drink, and then found me a table with a great view.  So nice! 

Right before leaving Vancouver, we had a safety drill.  We had to grab our life jackets and meet at designated life boats.  The people on land thought we looked hilarious!  It’s was actually kinda fun…

So now it’s 4am and we are at sea.  My internal clock is still stuck on EST, so I’m wide awake.  It’s nice though – the only people around are the night staff so I can actually access the elevators without fighting a crowd.  I may have to explore this place at night more often…   

More tomorrow – Internet by satellite is slow!


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