It’s been awhile.

I’m back, after a couple months of barely maintaining an internet presence.  I kind of lost interest, and then life just got in the way…  But I have finally returned, and currently am in the middle of a HUGE life altering process.  I don’t want to talk about it just yet, but once things are finalized I will share my SUPER EXCITING news.  Stay tuned!

Looking back on my last post in May, I have sadly realized that I really need to knit more often.  I’ve completed only one project and it wasn’t even that big!  The project?  A pair of adorable wrist warmers, which I think I’m going to take on my cruise, just in case it gets chilly while I’m taking oodles of photos.  The pattern is Jacoby, and the yarn is Ara Stellar by Cosmic Fibers Yarn, in the colorway Angel.  I love this yarn, and I seem to buy a lot from CFY – her colours are always beautiful!  This particular skein had strands of silver running through it, which makes the wrist warmers really sparkle.  The pattern itself was incredibly simple; I memorized it by the time I had finished.

Alaska Wrist Warmers

Sorry for the awful photo – I took it without a flash and in less light that I would have liked.  I ended up fiddling with the picture on my computer in an attempt to make the colour of the yarn a bit more accurate, but it still needs some work.  I’ll try and take another picture in the near future – hopefully the sparkles will show!  My current WIP is actually another pair of Jacobys.  My dad thinks that they would be great for his arthritis and wants a pair for work.  My Godfather has since asked for a pair as well.  So, I’m knitting them both in a fingering weight, washable yarn in blacks, blues and greys, so they don’t have to worry about getting them dirty.  And of course, so they don’t look ‘girly’.  (I threatened to knit them in pink!)

So… that’s it.  My sock yarn blanket is hibernating, partly because of the wrist warmers, and partly because it is really too warm and humid to knit something that large.  I’ll pull it out again when the weather cools.  I’m also itching to cast on another beret – maybe I’ll work on that next…

OMG, my cruise is in two weeks!  I really need to get my butt in gear…


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