The dangerous yarn swift!

My yarn swift has finally arrived!  I bought it with the last of my birthday money on etsy.  It took forever to get here, thanks to Canada Customs.  They opened the box and charged me $8, which officially makes the shipping more expensive than the swift itself.  Oh well, at least the swift wasn’t damaged when they opened it.  I dunno, what is it about this box that looks dangerous or suspect?

Yarn Swift1

The label was very clear about what was in it, and was labeled as commercial goods, so I’m a bit stumped.  Look out for the dangerous yarn swift!!

The swift itself is fantastic.  I used it to wind some sock yarn as soon as I put it together.

Yarn Swift2

The yarn is Cosmic Fibers Andromeda in the colourway ‘Lila’ from the Dexter series.  I wound it using a nostepinne – I don’t have a crank ballwinder.  Like my last pair, I think I’m going to knit this up using sock math.  And my new Signature DPNs.

Yarn Swift3

In other news, I’ve decided that I don’t like knitting lace.  Shocking!  I’ve been working on a lace shawl the last couple weeks and I am nearly bored to tears.  The repeats require so much concentration that I get tired of it really quickly, and end up avoiding the WIP entirely.  I like knitting with simple patterns that I can memorize or plain knit and purl so I can knit without really thinking about it.  Knitting it kind of meditative for me – it shouldn’t be stressful.  So, I frogged the shawl.  Instead, I think I’m going to make another Clapotis with the yarn.  I made one for my Godmother a while ago and the pattern is nice and simple once you’re used to it.  The yarn is fingering weight, so I think the Clapotis will have a really nice drape.  We’ll see.  As for my sock yarn blanket, I finally knit a few more squares.  I think it’s too early for more pictures though.  Maybe in a couple weeks.

Oh, and I had the chance to use my new video camera this past weekend.  I went to a local cultural festival and took lots of video of traditional dancing and music from a bunch of different countries.  It needs some editing, but the video is coming!


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