Time to simplify.

Well, I did it – I took the plunge and seriously edited my online existence.  Social networks and all of those extra Web 2.0 sites were starting to feel like work, and they really aren’t supposed to be that way.  So my Facebook profile is gone, I deleted my delicious account and I massively edited my Twitter follows.  I feel lighter already!  Have no fear though, this blog is staying, and maybe now I’ll actually have time to write in it!  I’m also keeping Ravelry, since it is so much more than just social networking.  I think my knitting progress would become rather stunted if I cut myself off from a resource like that.

So, now that I have more time on my hands, I can finally tell you what has been going on in my life as of late.  I went to Knitter’s Frolic, my first trip to any kind of knitting/fibre type event.  I had a lot of fun, and I actually stayed within budget!  I met up with Robyn, who runs the online store Robyn’s Nest.  I think I’ve mentioned her before – I’ve bought a few of her amazing mini skein kits for my sock blanket.  She was really nice, and her little son was absolutely adorable!  I’m glad she convinced me to go.


At Frolic, I picked up some yummy orange sock yarn, a cute project bag in a vintage Pepsi ad fabric and some blocking pins and wires.  I’m actually really excited about the blocking kit.  I’m in the early stages of my first real lace shawl and I haven’t been able to find the right supplies at my usual LYS.  Now I think I’m going to hunt down some of those foam floor puzzle pieces – I’ve heard that they make a fantastic blocking board.

I haven’t had a lot of time to knit lately, but I’m making some progress.  My Dexter socks are thisclose to being finished and you have no idea how excited I am to finish these so fast.  Hey, a month and a half is fast for me, especially since it usually takes me close to a year to finish a pair!  Hopefully I can post some finished pictures in the next couple days.  My sock blanket, on the other hand, has been feeling abandoned the last few weeks.  I have a tonne of mini skeins to knit up, but the project isn’t portable anymore, which has really cut down on my progress.  Once my Dexter socks are done, I’m going to work on the blanket with a vengeance!

Hey, my birthday is coming up soon…  I forgot all about it…


2 thoughts on “Time to simplify.

  1. It was awesome meeting you! Glad I convinced you to go!

    You can get those foam pieces at Dollarama (I think u have Dollarama in Ontario) for a buck a square. That’s where I get mine! Just make sure to measure the space you need before buying!

    Happy birthday in 9 minutes!

    1. It was awesome meeting you too! Thanks for the info about Dollarama – I’ll check them out this weekend. And thanks for the birthday wishes! 🙂

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