I now love hats!

Another FO, and I absolutely love it.  It’s a Purl Beret, knit up in some lovely hand-dyed sock yarn from Dharmafey.  The colourway is called Josef Kostan, after the ancient/perpetually horny vampire on the now cancelled show, Moonlight.  That show was awesome…


I love this yarn.  It’s super soft and all the different shades of blue are stunning.  The pictures really don’t do the colour justice.  The pattern was a bit harder to deal with.  It was easy enough, but it involved loooong stretches of stockinette, and when done in fingering weight, can make you go nuts!  I love the finished product though, so the pain was worth it.


I took this photo before I blocked it (doh!).  It now has a bit more drape to it.  Blocking is kind of amazing.  This thing went from lumpy to sleek overnight – awesome!

I now totally love hats.  I have a couple more (similar) patterns that I want to make and wear, once I finish some of my other WIPs.  Back to my knitting!


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