Twilight and cables and mittens, oh my!

My obsession with all things Twilight continues, this time in knitwear.  There is this fantastic pattern for cabled mittens, based on the pair Bella wears in several scenes in the movie.  All you Ravelry people, go check it out – the pattern is so clear and easy to follow, I love it.  This was my first attempt at mittens and cables, and I am thrilled with how they turned out.


They’re done in super bulky yarn, a definite plus.  I was able to churn these babies out in just over a week – unheard of with my current work schedule.  Unfortunately, these aren’t for me, but for a good friend currently battling the winter chill in northern Alberta.  I mailed them out today – I can’t wait to hear from her!


They’re so pretty…  Have I mentioned how much I love this pattern?  I can’t wait to cast on again.  The next pair are going to be for me!


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