Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!  The gifts are all unwrapped and I can already smell the turkey cooking – yum!  It also means I can show all you lovely people the gifts I knitted this year!  My apologies – this is a picture heavy post!

First up, I knit a couple hats for my dad and little brother.  It’s a simple beanie pattern, using 3 strands of worsted weight wool.  A quick knit.  Unfortunately, the directions in the pattern seemed to be for people with HUGE heads so I had to modify it a bit.  As it is, I still think they are a little too long.



For mom, I knit a La La Love You Cowl.  She wears a lot of fancy scarves to work, and I think this makes a really cute alternative.



I had some trouble with this pattern at first – I was using an acrylic yarn that I normally really like, but it turned this pattern into a nightmare; k4tog became impossible.  I switched to Lion Brand Cotton-Ease, and it was like knitting a whole new pattern.  I’m quite happy with how it came out.

I made black wrist warmers for my little sister.  Same pattern as my Dr. Horrible ones and the pink and grey ones I made for my big sister.


Fast and easy pattern – and mindless knitting, so I was able to take them everywhere.

I made a Fidget for my big sister.  I love this pattern.  I had never done twisted moss stitch before, and once I figured it out, this project just flew off the needles.  Using super bulky yarn really helped.  I used Red Heart Zoomy – super squishy, super thick yarn.  I love it.  This project came out so well, that I’ve got another one on the needles and more yarn waiting to make a third.  A Fidget for everyone!



Last, but not least, was my brother-in-law.  He mentioned a while ago that he doesn’t really wear hats, but he is a bit of a caffeine addict, so…



A mug wrap!  I had a lot of fun with this one.  The pattern was super easy, and I used the Cotton-Ease again – that stuff is great!  I’m thinking of making one for myself now…

I’m really glad I decided to knit for everyone this year, and I’m a little shocked that I actually managed to get it all done in time.  I was actually a few days early, which was awesome!  I may even do it again next year…


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