Blog neglect and another FO.

It has been waaay too long since I updated.  Bad blogger.  Bad!  Anyways, I wrote the CPNRE over a couple of very stressful days, and now I have to wait over a month for the results.  Ugh.  Knitting is a great way to forget about it though.  My latest FO, BigSis’ birthday wrist warmers.

She saw the ones I made based on Penny’s in Dr. Horrible and she wanted them in pink.  I managed to finish them in a couple days – it’s a ridiculously simple pattern, but I find stripes to be a bit of a pain in the arse.  I was also having issues with gauge – and I measured her hands too!  They fit though, so no worries.  Now I’m working on a clapotis for my Godmother.  I’m hoping to finish it within the next week or so.  It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever knit!


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