Ravelympics FOs!

The Ravelympics have been a lot of fun.  I entered some of my unfinished projects for WIPs Wrestling (Go Team Canada!) and it feels great to have a few things done and out of the way.  First up, some dishcloths that have been lurking since March:

They’re super!  I finished these fairly quickly and gave them away the next day.  Next up, my Jayne Cobb Hat:

Don’t recognize it?  Then get thee to a video store!  Inspired by Jayne’s hat in Firefly, this thing is a little rough around the edges, but very warm.  I had a hell of a time getting gauge, and eventually gave up and just cast on an extra 20 stitches.  I think it turned out pretty good though.  Just looking at it makes ‘The Hero of Canton’ pop in my head…

The Man they call Jayne!

Oh, He robbed from the rich
and he gave to the poor.
Stood up to the man
and he gave him what for.
Our love for him now
ain’t hard to explain.
The hero of Canton
the man they call JAYNE!


5 thoughts on “Ravelympics FOs!

  1. That’s a cute hat! I’m in residence and don’t have a TV so can’t rent games, but it is a cute hat even though I have no idea what it is 😀

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