Apple actually cares!

I just gotta say how much I love Apple.  I have had to see a genius about my MacBook twice this summer and both experiences have been fantastic.  When my hard drive died in June, they swapped it out right in front of me and I didn’t have to pay a cent (I love Apple Care!).  Today I went in for more cosmetic reasons.  The wrist rest area on my notebook had developed cracks, apparently a common defect.  The genius who helped me said it would be an easy fix, but I would lose my computer for several days.  My nursing exam is in two weeks and I need my computer right now.  I explained that to her, and she offered to swap it out right away!  How cool is that?  Twenty minutes and a coffee and bagel later, my computer has a new keyboard/wrist rest/trackpad.  It looks new again!  I will never go back to a PC…


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