I’m the unlucky one.


Today I experienced a perfect example of government idiocy at work.  Back in the first week of June I did an address change for my driver’s licence.  I did it through the website and it looked like it worked.  I’ve been waiting since then for my new card to arrive in the mail, and getting more and more worried as the rest of the family received new cards and mine was still off in limbo.  I called the Ministry last week and the woman was nice enough – she assured me that the address change had worked and that I should expect the card soon.  Good news, right?  Unfortunately, that relieved feeling didn’t last very long.  Today I got a letter stating that they weren’t happy with my old picture and signature, and I needed to actually come in and redo them.  What?!?  The same photo and signature on my current card isn’t good enough anymore?  I called the Ministry and apparently, they said my new card printed out funny and that my signature and picture wasn’t good enough for their fancy new cards.  Why couldn’t that woman just tell me that last week?  Surely something was noted on my file.  Just my luck.  The rest of my family had no problems, but mine was substandard.  So I went and stood in line for over an hour today for my new picture.  The only bright side I can think of is that my new card will have my pretty new haircut!



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