Ottawa – Day 2

Today was so incredibly busy; it feels like we’ve been here a week!  This morning we took a tour of Parliament and I took tons of pictures.  I absolutely fell in love with the library.  It’s the only original part of the building that survived the 1916 fire and it’s all hand carved wood.  I want a library like that in my house!  We had lunch at this great little Italian restaurant (with a very cute waiter) and decided to see the War Museum.  That was a bit of a nightmare.  We were walking and following a tourist map, but we took a wrong turn and ended up in Quebec!  By the time we figured it out and got to the museum, a 20-minute walk turned into an hour.  At least I got a tan out of it.  The museum itself was amazing; we didn’t get to see all of it because it was so big.  There was a section on 9/11 and Afghanistan; it had recordings of people who phoned their loved ones while trapped in the WTC and pieces of the airplanes that hit them.  That section hit hardest for all of us.

We ended the night with the awards gala and desserts in the penthouse.  At the dinner, G and I sat with the president and board members of the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO), which was great.  They were so enthusiastic to talk to the next generation of nurses.  The penthouse was beautiful; full-length windows overlooking a light filled city, a jazz band playing… I could have stayed there all night.  But, Margaret Trudeau is speaking early tomorrow morning.  Time to get some sleep!


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