Yarn and toys.

I think it’s time I shared some of my latest yummy yarn and yarn-related doodads. First up, my yarn bowl.

I bought it from the KnitWitch. Neat eh? Put the yarn in the bowl, thread it through the hole and the yarn stays in one place instead of rolling around all over. I heart it!

And then there’s my sock monkey boxy bag.

I got this from ZigZagStitches on Etsy. It’s perfect for carrying around my current sock project and my tape measure, extra needles, etc. Not to mention it’s absolutely adorable. I take it everywhere.

And finally, the Greatest. Yarn. Ever. It’s sock yarn hand-dyed with a Dexter theme. As in, the show about the lovable serial killer. I practically squealed like a fan girl when it arrived in the mail. I bought it from Dharmafey and I’m already itching for more. The colours are so beautiful… I bought two skeins:



All of these merchants/people and items I found through Ravelry, mostly on the discussion boards. Man, that place is dangerous!


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