Good store. Bad store.

Today I experienced the best and the worst customer service. I am actually blown away over it – I have never been mad enough to stop buying at a store, but today I was ready to just walk away. The first store was a bag/luggage store. I was trying to exchange a bag that was less than thirty days old and ripped. The woman refused, would not believe how much I paid for it (even with proof!), and would only agree to send it out for repairs. She was actually quite rude and abrasive. Ugh, is that kind of behaviour supposed to create return customers? What a nightmare. As for the next store, I totally loved it. I found this great yarn store close to my house and as soon as I walked in I got smiles and hellos from the women at the front. Someone asked me if I needed help, but wasn’t pushy. When I cashed out, I told the owner it was my first time in the store and she actually gave me a tour! How cool is that? Best. Store. Ever.


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