I found it!

I finally found the right yarn!  I visited BigSis downtown yesterday and decided to check out Romni Wools.  Just getting there was a bit of an adventure.  BigSis drew me a map and explained how to ride the streetcar.  Don’t laugh – public transportation is a bit foreign to me!  I got off at the right stop, but I ended up walking down the street in the wrong direction.  Oops.  I finally figured out which way to go and I just barely made it in the store before they closed.  That store has the most fantastic collection of yarn.  I wish I had more time, although if I were there any longer my credit card would probably start to wail.  The trip back was a bit more interesting.  I got on the right streetcar, but the driver was returning to the station so I had to get off.  He gave me a transfer (like I know how to use that!) but I figured I would just walk.  I passed by this one storefront with real women dancing in the display windows.  In their underwear.  I really don’t want to know what they were trying to sell, but I do wish I had asked them if they were cold.  I mean, the city is still covered in snow.  I wonder if storefront window displays are heated?


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