A fruitless hunt…

I have a special knitting project that I am dying to do, although it’s starting to feel cursed. I’m trying to make a Jayne Cobb Hat. Unless you are a fan of Firefly, you probably don’t know what it is. Basically, it’s an orange toque. With earflaps. It’s pretty hideous, but I want to make it, and dammit, I plan on wearing it too! My problem is finding the right yarn. I found a great pattern online but the specific gauge it’s asking for seems pretty rare around here. So, I figured I would just double up some worsted weight – simple, right? Except I can’t seem to even find worsted weight in the right colours! Totally cursed. My last resort is checking out this great yarn store downtown, but I’m not a fan of driving in the city so I’m trying to avoid it. I have never had this much knitting related trouble before…


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