Skiing on 4 tires.

Today’s storm was fun, and I am totally not being sarcastic. I like snow; I’m a freak that way. Anyways, today was one of my home care nursing days and I had a heck of a time getting to the mall where I usually meet my preceptor. My little car is not built for snowdrifts! The parking lot at the mall hadn’t been plowed when I got there, and I actually got stuck – so I left my car where it was. Oh well, I could worry about it later right? I figured that by the time I came back to my car the lot would be cleared and I could get out. No such luck. It was still buried and I was almost stranded; it took some fancy skidding to get my poor little car moving again. We had just as much trouble during our route too. I had to get out and push D’s car after getting stuck in front of our first client’s house. That actually wasn’t too bad – it didn’t take much to get it moving again. Even with all the trouble, I still think the snow is great; it has made everything look so clean and beautiful. But in a couple days, when the snow is more muddy slush than pristine blanket, I’ll be wishing it would all go away. I’m so fickle.


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