First day jitters.

Today was the first day of my community-based nursing placement. And before it actually started I was more than a little terrified. Why? Because this is the first time I’ll be in a placement without a teacher and classmates. I’m all alone, with just a nursing preceptor to monitor my progress. That feels kind of scary, although my experience today eased some of my fears. I’ve been assigned home care; basically, I drive around with my preceptor and provide nursing care in people’s homes (duh). Today was a bit unique though – my preceptor had the day off so I had a substitute – a recent graduate from my school! That was nice; we had a bit in common to talk about. I already feel like I’m learning something; the clients we saw today required specific care that I have yet to practice, and I’m quite excited to get some hands-on experience. Tomorrow I meet my actual preceptor; I’m a bit nervous still (I want to make a good impression). I hope it goes well!


One thought on “First day jitters.

  1. I feel exactly the same way! I’m in my first real placement on Thursday…and am terrified! ha ha, I found your page because I did a search on google “first nursing placement nervous”. funny. 🙂

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