It’s alive!

I swear, sometimes I think that my car is possessed.  Yesterday, I decided to avoid studying get started on my Christmas shopping and my car was acting dumb.  I was heading back to the car with my bags and I used the remote to unlock the passenger side door.  I could hear it immediately lock itself again.  Great.  So, I hit the remote button one more time, left my keys on the seat, and started throwing my stuff in.  And it locked again.  Fantastic!  This time I used the button on the door and unlocked it.  30 seconds later, you guessed it, the damn thing locked itself!  I went through this at least five times before actually throwing a few choice words at it, and it finally stopped.  So yeah, my car is possessed, or pissed off, and it’s determined to lock me out.  Bring it on, buddy.


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