Happy Halloween!

Right now, I’m handing out candy to the neighbourhood kids. We usually don’t get many young ones anymore; our area has grown up a bit, but I think that’s starting to change. They all seem so young this time around, and there’s more of them.

I like handing out candy. I’m not the type of person who wants to go party, and I’ve definitely outgrown the door-to-door, but I’ve always liked handing out the goodies. I like seeing all the different costumes; some of the kids are so adorable! This one little girl, no more than 3-years-old, was dressed as a princess; she looked so cute! I guess you could say that I like to people watch. I’ve been having a good laugh watching all the dads hang out on the sidewalk as their kids run around; some of them look annoyed just to be there. I have yet to see a dad wearing a costume…

I love the high school equivalent of a costume; street clothes and some face paint. Or a mask. I give them candy anyway, at least they’re having some safe and legal fun!

OMG, a kid just came by with glasses, a curly wig and a ‘Vote for Pedro’ t-shirt – I love it!!

It’s starting to slow down. I have a test tomorrow that I really need to study for, so I guess it’s time to close up shop. It was fun.

Happy Halloween!


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