Leopard is here!

On a bit of a whim, I decided to go to the Leopard release ‘party’ at the Apple Store on Friday. They were offering free t-shirts, so I thought, why not? I got there about an hour before they were set to start, and holy crap, the lineup was huge! To kill some time I decided to watch ‘Reaper’ on my iPod Nano. It’s a great show – check it out. The Apple employees were kind of wacky. They were running up and down the line, screaming and cheering, trying to add some energy. They were also handing out free water, which was nice. By the time 6 o’clock rolled around, there was just as much lineup behind me, which blew me away. I mean, this was all just for an operating system! I wonder how many people were there just for the free t-shirts… Anyways, I was having a ball, just watching the crowd. There were the obvious bloggers, running around with their cameras and being chased by security, and more than a couple die-hards playing with their MacBooks while they waited. I even saw someone with their face painted – I kid you not. The whole thing was hilarious; the Apple employees would cheer and clap for each new group of people allowed into the store. I got my free t-shirt (which is pretty good quality) and the family pack. I didn’t even have to pay at the register; an Apple guy ran up to me with a PDA and rang up my purchase right there. That was cool. When I got home, BigSis installed Leopard on my pooter and I’ve spent the last couple days playing with all the new funky features. It’s a bit glitchy, which doesn’t surprise me because it’s so new, but overall I think that it was totally worth it. I love my Mac.

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