Avoiding UFOs.

My knitting has totally stalled. It’s due to a combination of school, work and my own darn fault. I screwed up, made an ugly mistake and now I’m avoiding having to tink two rows in order to fix it. Hence, the stalled knitting. The project that’s currently become a road block? Socks. Plain, run of the mill, socks.


I picked up the stitches along the side of the heel flap incorrectly, creating an ugly mess that needs to be fixed. How dumb am I? This isn’t my first pair of socks! Not to mention, I knit two rows before I figured out what was wrong. I’ve considered just ignoring it and plowing on, but those who know me, know it’ll drive me nuts every time I look at it. So, it needs to be fixed. Later. After homework. Maybe.


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